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Buy and read reviews on a full range of Home Gym and fitness equipment, whether your looking for a multigym which has 3 or 4 different exercise stations in one or a cheaper bench gym for weight training and muscle work.

Your also find a full selection of fitness equipment like treadmills, cross trainers, vibration plates, rowing machines, trampolines and massage tables, all at discounted prices and all with in depth reviews.
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The best selling multigym is without doubt the IronMan multigym, you get 20 different exercises from the one machine so you save a lot of money as you don't have to buy individual pieces of exercise equipment and you save space in your home as all 20 pieces of exercise equipment are combined into the one multigym.

For bigger multigyms go for the IronMan 3 station multigym, this is a semi-commercial multigym which means it's used in gyms and leisure centres as well as in the home, so it's tough and will last for years, the IronMan 3 station multigym has 3 separate exercise stations and lets you do a massive 30 different exercises from the one piece of gym equipment, that saves you having to buy 30 different pieces of exercise equipment which would be difficult to fit into your home even if you could afford them all.

Looking for a space saving bench gym then the WeightMaster bench gym lat pulldown bar, leg curls and leg extension station and chest press for bicep curls and butterfly curls is all you need, the WeightMaster bench gym has been reduced in price and is a bargain and comes with a years warranty too from the trusted WeightMaster name.

If you want to combine a rowing machine with a bench gym then you need the BodyTrain XE-08 bench gym which has a pull out bench which reveals a rowing machine, this is a proper rowing machine and not those steel cable afterthought rowing machines that some multigym manufacturers insist on selling.

Why not buy the WeightMaster bench gym with 100kg Free Weights, not only do you get a quality bench gym with several different exercise stations but you also get free weights and bar so you have everything you need to start your training straight away, with a lateral pulldown bar, leg curl and leg extension station, butterfly bars and removable bicep curls exercise machine you get a lot of other exercise machines for your money.

The BodyTrain XE-08 bench gym with 100kg Free Weights is a mini multigym that also includes a chest press that can be used as a straight press or a butterfly press just by pushing a button, you also get a lat pulldown bar for great looking shoulders and chest and a leg curl and leg extension station and removable and fully adjustable seat, removing the seat reveals the rower.

Weight benches have moved on and no longer represent something that looks like an old school bench, the IronMan foldable curved sit up bench has a curved bench that is more ergonomic than a straight bench meaning you get a more intense exercise, your be exercising just as hard but getting more benefit from each repetition.

If space is limited at home then buy the IronMan foldable weight bench which folds up flat and can be moved out of the way next to a wall or stored in a spare room, the IronMan foldable weight bench is free standing even when folded so you don't have to worry about leaning the bench against a wall and scratching or marking your walls.

Need some weights and dumbbells to start weight training at home, get the BodyTrain 100kg 1 inch bar and weight set, you get long bars and dumbbell bars and 100kg of free weights all included, with the easy quick change screw collars you can put any amount of weight on the bars and with free delivery you don't even have to pay for 100kg of weights to be sent to you.

There's lots of other fitness equipment reviewed here, how about the Body Sculpture BR-3150HKO-H rowing machine with heart rate monitor, it's a very bright coloured rowing machine as it's bright orange, but its a popular seller thanks to its incredibly low price, you get hand pulse sensors in the handlebars too, these wil display your heart rate on the rowing machines computer screen that's a unique feature.

Looking for a noise free rowing machine then the incredibly popular Red Oxford 8000 rowing machine with magnetic resistance is for you, there's no big fans or strange springs on this rowing machine, ultra quiet magnetic resistance is used to provide the resistance to your rowing, its infinitely adjustable too and with few moving parts won't wear out quick like those expensive fan rowers.

For a rowing machine experience that's as close to natural rowing out on the water you're going to need the Body Sculpture BR-3320 rowing machine with heart rate monitor, this rowing machine has a large 5kg flywheel which provides momentum whilst you are rowing so no jerky starts and stalls and a much more fluid feel and movement.

There's no need to spend lots of money on a treadmill, one of the best selling starter treadmills is the BodyTrain K855 Strider Treadmill which costs under one hundred pounds and even has a multi-function computer to show your time and distance, this is one of the few treadmills that folds completely flat, flat enough that you can put the treadmill under your bed when you want to store it. Don't dent your pride, decide to get fit today.
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