AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Read the review of the AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, an Outdoor Trampoline and All Weather Trampoline.

Want to buy a trampoline for the whole family to use, a trampoline that you can put in the back garden come rain or shine all year round no matter what the weather then you need to buy the AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline.
AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Outdoor Trampoline

Outdoor Trampoline.

When it rains most trampoline rubber mats get waterlogged and you need to empty the water from the trampoline surface and dry with towels, not the AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline this trampoline has a rubber trampoline mat made from polypropylene weave which actually lets rain (and melted snow) pass straight through the trampoline surface leaving the trampolines rubber mat dry and ready for bouncing.

The frame is designed to last our British winters too with a 5 year anti-rust warranty on the galvanised steel frame and a 12 month guarantee on the other parts, the plastics and rubbers used are UV protected meaning they won't crack or fade in colour when exposed to sunlight.

If your leaving your trampoline in the same spot in the garden all year your want to mow underneath it occasionally and that's where the big folded legs of the trampoline come into play, these legs don't dig in the ground or leave holes in your lawn but allow the trampoline to be slid along the grass or concrete without damaging the lawn, now you can move the grass under the trampoline before sliding the trampoline back or to a new position on the lawn.

A safety enclosure is supplied too this is like a safety fence that fits all around the trampoline base, you don't have to use the safety enclosure but its highly recommend especially if children will jump off the trampoline or fall as the safety fence will prevent them from falling and provide a door into and out of the trampoline.
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