AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Read the review of the AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure with Easy One Hour Assembly and Proper English Instructions.

If your wanting to buy a 10ft trampoline but concerned about how difficult it might be to but together and assemble, then don't worry anymore, the AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline is supplied as a flat pack and delivered free of charge by courier, the pack is not huge as the trampoline is in bits, the pack will easily fit through your front door or garden gate to take the pack into your garden and you can store the trampoline pack in the house for a few days until your ready to assemble the trampoline.
AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Easy One Hour Assembly

Easy One Hour Assembly.

When your ready to assemble the trampoline your be glad to hear that this 10ft trampoline is an all weather trampoline and can be left out in the garden all year, every year so you only need to assemble the trampoline once, ever.

To make things easier for yourself its advised that two people assemble the trampoline, one person to do the main work of assembly and another person to 'hold things', so you can assemble the trampoline with your children or a friend.

You can assemble the trampoline on your own, nut you won't be making things easy for yourself as some of the parts are quiet big and unwieldy to move around on your own.

After opening the delivery box, open all the packs and keep everything safe where you can see it, don't let bits and pieces spill out all over the lawn where you won't be able to find them again, although luckily most of the parts are quiet large and won't get lost in the lawn.

You only need one tool to assemble the trampoline and that's included in the box for you, take out the instructions and read them through, identifying all the bits that the instructions refer too.

Your be pleased to note that the instructions are in good quality English, with no poor English translations here, the drawings show you what the instructions are describing so you can easily see what the words are saying, read the text, look at the pictures, identify which parts of the trampoline the text is describing and follow the instructions, in one hour you will have a fully working trampoline that will last for years.
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