AirKing Pro 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Read the review of the AirKing Pro 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Family Trampoline with Free Delivery.

This is a family trampoline suitable for the whole family, it's a large 12 foot trampoline with plenty of room for everyone to bounce or play, with a maximum trampoline user weight of 24 stone everyone no matter what size or weight can use this 12ft trampoline.
AirKing Pro 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Family Trampoline

Family Trampoline.

For adults as well as being good fun trampolining is a great cardiovascular exercise to help you lose weight, in trampolining you use the two biggest groups of muscles in your body, your arms and your legs, that burns lots of calories and will soon have you losing weight as well as toning your bottom, legs and thighs.

Of course its nice just to play with and watch the children and with the safety enclosure around the trampoline you will still be able to see the children but know they are safe, the safety enclosure is like a fence made out of strong fabric netting, when children bounce on or near this fabric netting fence the netting pushes them back into the centre of the trampoline.

A door in the safety enclosure is fastened with a toggle and lets children in and out in a controlled way from only one point on the trampoline, they can then use the trampoline ladder to climb up or down.

The trampoline is delivered free of charge by courier company and arrives flat packed in a box, the box is not so large and will of course fit through your front door or garden gate into the back garden, assembly will take one hour, its preferred to have two people doing the assembly to holds bits of the trampoline as they need to be assembled but once person is capable of assembling the trampoline by themselves.
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