Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Magnetic Bike.

Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Magnetic Bike the All Purpose Exercise Machine with Heart Rate Monitoring and Exercise Programmes.

For an all purpose exercise bike that will suit the whole family have a look at the Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Magnetic Bike which has twelve exercise programmes built in including heart rate control and heart rate monitoring equipment and a user programmable exercise computer.
Body Sculpture BC-6730GHG-HB Programmable Magnetic Bike, All Purpose Exercise Machine.

All Purpose Exercise Machine, Heart Rate Monitoring, Exercise Programmes.

The combined exercise computer and digital display shows you your cycling statistics as you pedal from the time you have been cycling to the speed your cycling and the distance you have cycled along with the calories you have used whilst cycling, your pulse rate as measured by a built-in pulse sensor in the handlebars and your body fat measure in BMI Body Mass Index also measure by a resistance sensor in the handlebars.

The pulse and heart rate measured from the handlebars control the heart rate control exercise programmes these are special exercise programmes where you enter a percentage maximum heart rate and then the exercise bike won't go above that heart rate so you might enter 70% as your maximum heart rate and then whilst your cycling your heart rate will be measured and the maxim heart rate recorded and the exercise bike pedals automatically adjusted by computer to be lighter or harder to pedal depending on whether the exercise bike computer is trying to lower or increase your heart rate.

With heart rate control it's like a fitness instructor and your doctor are with you when you exercise making you work hard but keeping you safe.

The exercise bike has a dual backlit display which means two lights are used to light up the display are from behind the display so its very easy to read the display in both low light and bright light especially useful if you have taken off your glasses to cycle.
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