Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike.

Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike the Modern Design Exercise Bike for Indoor Use.

For a modern design of home exercise bike look no further than the Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike a great indoor bike with pulse rate, heart rate, body fat and calorie measurement built in and even stereo speakers for plugging in your MP3 player so you can have your music coming out of the front speakers built into the console.
Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike, Modern Design Exercise Bike.

Modern Design Exercise Bike, Indoor Use.

The large and modern display is directly in front of you and has a dual backlight so you can read the display in low light levels as well as bright lights, there's a four user setting which means the Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike can remember the settings of four different users and then recall those settings at the press of a button so its perfect for a family where every member of the family can remember their settings and recall them as soon as they sit down to cycle.

The sort of settings that the Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Exercise Bike can remember are your weight for calorie calculation your age for pulse rate and heart rate calculations (so you can be warned if your heart rate is too low or too high as you cycle) your preferred maximum speed and goals like the time you want to cycle for or the distance you want to reach so your never need enter these settings again just press the recall button and the number of your profile (1 - 4) and start cycling.

As well as remembering profiles of four different users you can also just climb on the saddle and start pedalling and use the resistance increase button to increase how hard you would like the pedals to be, the harder the pedals the harder it is to cycle but your burn more calories and tone muscles faster.
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