Body Sculpture BC-7300G Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Read the review of the Body Sculpture BC-7300G Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, the Best Looking Exercise Bike in UK with a Colour Screen.

With it's bright white finish and yellow and black paintwork on the side that looks like cooling fins the Body Sculpture BC-7300G is certainly a very beautiful exercise bike, its also very functional too packed with lots of features like a programmable exercise computer where you can make your own simulated journey, up hills, down dales, flat out cycling whatever type of cycling and effort levels you would like.
Body Sculpture BC-7300G Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, Best Looking Exercise Bike in UK

Best Looking Exercise Bike in UK.

The exercise bikes computer has a colour screen and is a touch screen computer too, no old fashioned knobs and buttons here its all high tech finger stabbing on the touch screen.

Pulse sensors are built into the closed form handle bars which are incredibly comfortable to hold, the pulse sensors display your heart rate BPM Beats Per Minute on the touch screen and the programmable exercise computer can use this heart rate data to automatically alter the training programmes making them easier or harder depending on your current heart rate.

The exercise bike is easy to move around when your not using it, transport wheels at the front mean you can tilt one end and wheel the exercise bike about, push the bike into the corner of the room out the way when your not using it or store the exercise bike under the stairs or in the shed.

There's a very large seat which is very well padded for extra comfort, the seat adjusts not only up and down for different height users but forwards and backwards for different arm length.

The pedals have foot straps so you can securely hold your feet on the pedals and not worry about falling off, especially important for older people or those who like to cycle really fast.

The large stand means your exercise bike won't wobble or vibrate or make strange noises as it moves on the floor.
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