Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer.

Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer with Touch Sensitive Screen and Automatic Resistance Adjustment.

For a modern elliptical trainer take a look at the Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer it's got a touch sensitive screen and electronic automatic resistance which you can adjust from the touch sensitive screen this controls how hard it is to move the pedals round no more mechanical levers its all electronics now.
Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer, Touch Sensitive Screen.

Touch Sensitive Screen, Automatic Resistance Adjustment.

With a steel alloy frame that's strong enough to support a maximum weight of 19 stone and an electronic resistance and braking system which makes no noise so won't interrupt you or your family if you want to use the elliptical trainer whilst watching TV with the family.

In the handlebars your find hand pulse sensors which measure your pulse rate whilst your exercising simply by holding the handlebars you don't need any separate sensors or chest straps or wires as the Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer is all hi-tech.

There's twenty one exercise programmes built in which will automatically alter the resistance of the pedals so you have to work harder or easier depending on which exercise programme you have selected each programme has individual goals so simply choose the programme that matches your goal like losing weight or just having a fun exercise or training hard or shaping leg muscles or toning buttocks, these exercise programmes are like different exercise circuits some faster and some slower than others so as there all different they keep your interest.

Whilst the exercise programmes are all automatic adjusting the resistance on the pedals by themselves you still in full control as when the exercise programme starts it will ask you to enter your maximum resistance level and then will vary the resistance level but never go above the maxim you entered.

When the exercise programmes are running even though they are automatic you can still use the touch screen display to lower or increase the resistance the elliptical trainer has chosen giving you full control at all times.
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