Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors.

Read the review of the Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors, it's a Bright Orange Rowing Machine a Home Rower with Free Delivery.

If you like your rowing machine to be a bit different from normal then how about a bright orange coloured rowing machine from Body Sculpture, it's got all the features you would expect from Body Sculpture and a bright orange colour too.
Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors, Bright Orange Rowing Machine

Bright Orange Rowing Machine.

This is a folding rowing machine where the rear hinge (or foot) folds flat so its easier to store, you can stand the rowing machine up lent against a wall or in a cupboard or under the stairs, it's easy to store when not in use.

The modern shape of this rowing machine is down to its ergonomic styling which creates a rowing machine with a stylish look that everyone will be pleased to have in their home.

There's heart rate sensors on the handlebars which is very unusual for rowing machines, these sensors measure your pulse automatically when you hold the handlebars and display this information on the rowing machines computer screen as a heart rate, its a great way to see actually how hard you are working and how overtime your heart rate will reduce even when exercising hard as your levels of fitness improve.

The Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine is ultra quiet thanks to the magnetic braking system used, rowing machines with fans are big and noisy and just don't fit well into your home where this Body Sculpture Rowing Machine is ideal because it does not make any noise and will not disturb the rest of the family.

The computer display is simple to work with just three buttons and no complicated key sequences to enter data, on the screen your see your current time, stroke count and the calories you have burned, when you start rowing simply enter your weight and the Body Sculpture rowing machine will accurately work out the calories your burning for the effort your expending, to see the calories count up as you row is the best way to stay motivated to lose weight.

With the calorie counting rowing machine once you know how much you much row to burn 100 calories your think twice about that 100 calorie little snack you where about to eat, so with this added knowledge of calories and exactly how much calories are in the food we eat and how long it takes to burn those calories you naturally become more careful about what you eat.
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