Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors.

Read the review of the Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine with Pulse Sensors, Large Seat, Large Foot Plates in a Comfortable Rower.

This Body Sculpture Rowing Machine has a long aluminium beam which the large seat glides smoothly over giving you zero friction when you're rowing, the large black seat is moulded to fit so you won't slip or slide out of the seat as you row.
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Large Seat, Large Pedals.

The rear leg of the rowing machine has a hinge which allows the rear leg to fold completely flat for storage, when folded you can store the rowing machine by standing it on its end and leaning it against a wall or putting the rowing machine away in a cupboard or storage area.

The large footplates have a adjustable foot strap which holds your foot onto the foot pedals, these pedals are moving pedals so as you row, the pedals angle and move with your feet, so you won't get sore feet from extended rowing, the Body Sculpture BR3320 Rowing Machine is one of the few rowing machines to have articulated foot pedals for increased comfort and to prevent injury to your feet and legs from being forced into an unnatural position as you row.

There's a large and very clear to read digital display which has great contrast of black letters against a light grey background so it's perfect if you have poor eyesight or prefer to row without wearing your glasses or contact lenses.

The handlebars include a pulse sensor and additional digital display built into the handlebars, this displays how's your heart rate which has been measured using the pulse sensors that touch your hands whilst you row.

With the long, lightweight aluminium beam you can have a large stroke so it's ideal for taller rowers as well as shorter rowers, simply row backwards until your arms are outstretched and then row forwards again, large or small the Body Sculpture Rowing Machine is well suited to all rowers.
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