BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill.

Buy BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill the Folding Home Treadmill that's Ideal for Elderly or Rehab.

If you need rehab after injury or just enjoy walking for exercise then you can buy the BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill which is capable or gentle or fast walking exercise, there's no running involved you can have as fast or as slow walk as you like for as long or as slow as you like and there's variable resistance too so you can adjust the effort level required whilst your working.
BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill, Folding Home Treadmill.

Folding Home Treadmill.

There's many advantages to exercising in your own home, if you have limited mobility it's easier to exercise at home then try to travel somewhere for exercise and whilst walking the streets is an alternative to a walking treadmill these days you may suffer comments or abuse as you pass by people, then there's the cold weather and rain, so why put up with all of this when you can safely exercise in your own home.

The digital display and computer is simple to work in fact if your not comfortable with computers or settings then just leave everything alone and the display will automatically show you your time, speed and distance travelled as well as the calories you have burned whilst you have been exercising, this is a very hand feature if your following a calorie controlled diet or just want to watch your weight.

With a maximum user weight of 16 stone everyone can use the walking treadmill from the fit to those in need of an exercise regime, the whole family can enjoy the BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill from the young to the old.

With free next day delivery and a years guarantee you can buy your BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill today and be exercising tomorrow and if you get any problems you can rest easy with the year warranty that will get you a free repair or replacement should something go wrong.
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