BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer.

Buy BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer the Home Pilates Trainer and Professional Pilates Machine.

Looking to buy a professional Pilates machine then consider the BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer which is ideal for use in the home as it's made from solid hardwood, very hardwearing and will last for years but at the same time very beautiful with oak coloured hardwood, gun metal black carriage runners, bright zinc plated nuts and bolts, synthetic leather and high density foam seat cushioning.
BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer, Home Pilates Trainer.

Home Pilates Trainer.

Thanks to four independent wheels under the seat carriage the carriage moves backwards and forwards without noise or sticking, simply gliding along, the Pilates reformer also features a jump board that's fully adjustable and has a height adjustable rope and pulley system which can be mounted at a height convenient to you which won't get in the way whilst you exercise.

The foot loops and hand loops are also fully adjustable and you won't need any tools to make any adjustments as all adjustments can be carried out by hand with simple hand wheels that unfasten to select a higher or lower height adjustment.

Suitable for any weight from the small to the large or obese, a Pilates reformer is designed to allow all to practice Pilates regardless of current ability or current physical shape or size, a Pilates reformer is the one great exercised leveller, all can use the Pilates reformer to tone, shape, get fit or lose weight the incredibly strong super thick hardwood ensures that the BodyTrain GBD03503 Pilates Reformer will support all body weights and all sizes from small to large.

Whether your buying the Pilates reformer as a present or for yourself it's sure to be a great investment and something that everyone will envy, after all as well as being a fully featured Pilates reformer it's beautiful god looks make it a great talking point in any home.

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