BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer.

Buy BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer for Home Pilates Exercise and Best Pilates Gift.

If you or your partner is into their Pilates then buy the BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer, and if you have left the gift buying a bit late then it will help to know that you get free next day delivery so if you order today you or your partner can be using their very own Pilates machine tomorrow.
BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer, Home Pilates Exercise.

Home Pilates Exercise.

The BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer is a beautiful solid hardwood frame based Pilates reformer that will look elegant in any room of your house, as much a piece of exquisite furniture as it is a fully functional Pilates reformer.

With an eight wheeled carriage that glides the carriage back and forwards on the solid steel runners effortlessly without noise and without vibration or sticking, the carriage seat is made from simulated leather and has memory foam to support you whilst you are sitting.

The BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer also features a fully adjustable jump board and a foot bar that can be adjusted to five different positions as well as a height adjustable rope and pulley system so you can mount the rope and pulley system above the height you need for exercise, the foot loops and hand loops are also fully adjustable and you don't need any tools to make an adjustment as you simply undo the hand wheels with your hand, choose a different height for the adjustment and refasten the hand wheel.

With beautiful oak coloured wood, black hardened steel runners and bright zinc coated nuts and bolts you really do have a BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer which looks as good as it performs.

Delivery is free of charge and you get free next day delivery too as well as a free one year warranty so should anything go wrong your get a free repair or free replacement and if you order today your be using your BodyTrain GBD03505 Pilates Reformer tomorrow.
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