BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike.

BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike with Motorised Tension Control and Large Computer Console.

With the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike there's no adjusting or belts or turning of resistance knobs as the resistance is motorised and controlled by a button press on the large computer console, and with sixteen professionally designed exercise programmes to use there's plenty of choice for a wide range of exercise, keep fit and shape and tone exercises as well as casual cycling that's great fun.
BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike, Motorised Tension Control.

Motorised Tension Control, Large Computer Console.

The saddle adjusts up and down for height and is very well padded and will actually make you want to cycle rather than make you desperate to get off because the saddle is so uncomfortable and with multi-position handlebars you can choose how you hold the handlebars from classic horizontal handlebars to racing vertical handlebars to standing up on the pedals angled handlebars you can choose how you want to ride the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike.

In the handlebars your find stainless steel pulse sensors that will measure your pulse rate simply by holding the handlebars and display the pulse rate on the digital display screen along with your calories which means if your dieting you can record how many calories you burn each day on your exercise bike as the more calories you burn the faster your weight loss.

The pedals have adjustable safety straps for your feet and the pedals themselves are non slip so you won't find yourself losing your footing and with the foot straps holding your feet on the pedals you can push down with the ball of your foot which is where the power is rather than pushing down with your toes which could lead to sprains or injury.

Inside the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike is a 7kg flywheel this ensures that cycling on the indoor exercise bike feels as natural as possible and as much like cycling outside as possible and that's because the flywheel provides momentum so that when your cycling and have got your rhythm going its easy to maintain your pedalling just like it is on a normal bike on the road.
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