BodyTrain TrackSpeed 4500 Treadmill with Built In Speakers for CD/MP3 Input.

Read the review of the BodyTrain TrackSpeed 4500 Treadmill with Built In Speakers for CD/MP3 Input, the Tough Treadmill that's built to a very High Quality.

If you're looking for a treadmill that does everything including make the tea then buy the BodyTrain TrackSpeed 4500 Treadmill it's got speakers to plug in your iPod, a folding design to take up less space when you're not using it, built-in heart rate monitor to display your heart rate and auto-adjust your exercise programmes, massive display with speedometer, 40 exercise programmes, extra large running track for more room, shock absorbing running track so your kegs don't get sore and tired and a cup holder to hold the tea (or water bottle of course).
BodyTrain TrackSpeed 4500 Treadmill with Built In Speakers for CD/MP3 Input, Tough Treadmill

Tough Treadmill.

There's 40 exercise programmes which you can use to run and walk with, exercises like lose weight, build stamina, get fit, keep fit, run uphill, cardiovascular exercise and heart rate control exercises where the treadmill will measure your heart rate as recorded by your pulse using the built in sensor in the handle bars and auto-adjust itself to match your heart rate so you're always training at the optimum level, it's like having your very own personal trainer right there standing on the treadmill with you.

This is a big treadmill with a length of 52 inches so even if you're well over 6 feet tall with a massive stride your still like to run and walk on this treadmill without hitting your trainers on the bottom of the housing like tall people normally have to put up doing on smaller treadmills.

The digital display has a real speedometer so you can really see on a dial how fast your going, just like your car, it's one of the easiest and most motivating ways we have seen to keep running hard, as your running you just don't want to see that needle drop so you keep watching the needle and powering through your exercises.

The TrackSpeed 4500 treadmill has a 3.5mm jack plug so you can plug in your MP3 player or CD player and have your music come out of the stereo speakers mounted either side of the front console and because your exercising in your own home on your own treadmill there's no reason why you can't listen to your music out loud its not like at the gym where you shouldn't inflict your musical tastes on others.

With stereo speakers you don't have to wear headphones anymore so no more problems with your headphones falling out because your jogging or headphones getting all wet and sweaty in your ears, yuck, with the Track Speed4500 treadmill your have a much netter experience.

There's an emergency stop button right in front of you on the console press this big red button and the treadmill will come to an immediate stop often used at the end of a run when you just can't make another step and want the treadmill to stop instantly or use the emergency stop if you get into difficulties and want to stop you can also user the emergency stop safety cord this is a cord with a clip on the end that you can attach to your pocket or waistband or simply hold the cord in your hand then should you move away or fall off or tug on the cord the emergency stop button will be activated and the treadmill will immediately stop.

This a folding treadmill too so a good choice for use at home where space is limited as when your not using the treadmill you can pull up on the running deck and the hydraulic system will park the treadmill deck off the floor giving you back your floor space again you can then unlock the treadmill and the deck will lower ready for use.
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