BodyTrain TrackSpeed 5000 Treadmill.

Read the review of the BodyTrain TrackSpeed 5000 Treadmill the Best Treadmill with a Top Spec.

If your looking for top spec treadmills then read on the BodyTrain TrackSpeed 5000 Treadmill has it all from a massive 14 miles per hour top speed (your be lucky to get 10mph more likely 7mph out of the competition), to a max hill incline of 20%, that's a one in two hill, for every inch you move forward the height of the hill will increase by two inches, if you like running and walking up hills then that should keep you busy.
BodyTrain TrackSpeed 5000 Treadmill, Best Treadmill

Best Treadmill.

The BodyTrain TrackSpeed is a semi-commercial treadmill which means its being used in commercial settings like gyms and health clubs as well as in the home, so you know BodyTrain have built this treadmill to last and with a 12 month warranty you know if there are any problems your get a free fix or replacement treadmill.

The colour display has all the gadgets like a speedometer just like your car to show your speed and graphics of you running and your statistics like heart rate, time, distance travelled and body fat.

The BodyTrain TrackSpeed 5000 Treadmill is a folding treadmill so despite having all the gadgets a top spec treadmill should have it won't take up much room in your home, simply pull the running track upwards and the hydraulic folding system will lift the track into a vertical position where with the track off the floor and parked straight upwards you have the floor completely free.

Speed and incline touch controls are mounted on the handlebars within easy reach, so you don't need to stretch or take your eyes of the treadmill display or even the television on the gym wall to change speed and incline (hill), most treadmills don't even have incline adjustment on the handlebars but with a top spec treadmill like the BodyTrain TrackSpeed 5000 Treadmill you have all the gadgets.

The TrackSpeed 5000 treadmill has a three user memory so three different people can use the treadmill and store all their exercise data in the treadmill making it easier and quicker to start running next time as you won't have to enter your weight and maximum pulse rate and redesign any exercise programmes you have customised as all your settings will be able to be recalled instantly of course more than three people can use the treadmill with a total of three peoples settings being remembered.

The TrackSpeed 5000 treadmill is a great treadmill for the family as some family members will want to get the most out of the computer systems and customise all the exercise programmes whilst other family members will just want to press the quick touch go button and start walking or running and not be bothered by exercise computers and the TrackSpeed 5000 treadmill gives you those options all the features the kids will want and the quick start easy features the adults will want.

Forty different exercise programmes are available and whilst you can customise your own programmes removing hills or making the course faster or slower you can also use those forty exercise programmes as is you simply specify the maximum speed that you would not want the treadmill to go above and the maximum angle of incline for the uphill exercise programmes and the treadmill will put you on a running track with each track being different.

Some running tracks or exercise programmes have hills some are all flat some are a mix of hills and flat, some are fast some are slow but all are designed for specific goals like losing weight or shaping and toning your muscles or just a fun run or easy walk just choose the exercise programme that best meets your goals.
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