BodyTrain TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill.

Read the review of the BodyTrain TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill with Very Large 16 Inch by 50 Inch Running Track and Powerful Motor.

This quality treadmill has a very large running track and is ideal for the larger runner of those who feel claustrophobic when on a conventional size small treadmill, you won't get caught up against the handrails or find yourself losing balance and falling off, or suffer dizziness or feelings of being constrained with the BodyTrain TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill.
BodyTrain TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill, Very Large 16 Inch by 50 Inch Running Track

Very Large 16 Inch by 50 Inch Running Track.

Suitable for a user weighting 16 stone or less this powerful treadmill has a motor that can reach 16kph (approx 10mph), and so will be more than fast enough to keep up with the strongest of runners.

The BodyTrain TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill is a folding treadmill, when you have finished exercising for the day pull up on the running track and the hydraulic running track lifts up and locks in a vertical position which takes up a lot less room in your home.

One of the major advantages of this large treadmill is that the treadmill has 5 digital displays this means you can see all your details at once all at the same time, on other makes of treadmill they have a scan mode which means only one digital display and you must wait for the display your interested in to scroll around again, for example on other treadmills if your only interested in the calories but want to glace at the time, its impossible, with 5 digital displays as on the BodyTrain TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill its easy.

If you get sore feet when running on a treadmill or tired legs then chances are your current treadmill doesn't have a shock absorbing system so you could damage joints and prematurely wear out joints and cause pain with the BodyTrain TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill you have 5 different suspension points that mean your legs and feet will never get sore.
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