BodyTrain TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill.

Read the review of the BodyTrain TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill with Easy Read Display and 6 Separate LED Displays.

If you like to monitor your stats as your run then you probably get frustrated with those scanning display modes that keep changing what you're looking at, it seems to take ages for the statistic you're looking at to come round again, well BodyTrain have done something about that with their TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill which has 6 individual LED displays so you can see everything on screen all at the same time, so its easy to keep an eye on your calorie consumption whilst also watching your time.
BodyTrain TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill, Easy Read Display

Easy Read Display.

Another major advantage of the BodyTrain TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill is its enormous track size with a running track width of 16 inches and a length of 50 inches, its long and wide so if you always feel that treadmills are just not wide enough limiting your ability to walk and run or swing your arms then the BodyTrain TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill is for you.

Do you suffer with sore joints, feet and legs when you're running, then chances are you're not running on a treadmill with a suspension system so your just running on bare metal, this is very bad for your joints and knees as every step will cause joint impact and with no cushioning this impact goes straight through your joints, feet and knees, with the BodyTrain TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill you have 6 suspension points providing the suspension system for your feet and legs, with cushioned steps you won't get any more soreness or tired aching legs whilst you run.

If when running or walking on a treadmill you feel insecure or unsteady and that you might fall off or lose your balance then the BodyTrain TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill has a great feature, use the emergency stop safety cord, simply put the safety cord around your wrist and should you fall or stumble the treadmill will immediately halt, there's no worry about whizzing off the treadmill like a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

The BodyTrain Track Speed 3200i is a folding treadmill so it takes up less room in your home as when your not using the treadmill you can lift up the bottom of the treadmill deck and the hydraulic system will automatically raise the treadmill deck into an angled position off the floor giving you your floor space back the treadmill will then lock in place and a simple lever unlocks the treadmill and lowers it backed down into position ready for exercise.

When in the fielded position wheels at the bottom of the treadmill let you wheel the treadmill around your home if you want to push the treadmill into a corner of the room or even store the treadmill in another room.

There's an incredible forty eight exercise programmes built into the BodyTrain Track Speed 3200i these exercise programmes are like individual running tracks where every track is different some have hills some are all flat some are a mixture of hill and flat and some are fast others are slow just like real running tracks, each track or exercise programme has a different goal some are designed to lose weight whilst others are designed to shape and tone your muscles and others still are designed just for fun or marathon running or just walking.

The BodyTrain Track Speed 3200i features an automatic incline feature what this does is raise the front of the treadmill deck up at an angle like you're walking or running uphill the treadmill deck raises slowly whilst your still on the deck walking or running, controls on the handlebars allow you to increase or decreased the angle of the hill the advantage of running or walking up hill is that it uses different muscles to running on the flat you can shape and tone calf muscles, tummy muscles, buttocks and thighs.
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