BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights, Easy Setup.

Read the review of the BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights, the mini multigym has Easy Setup, No Messing with Cables and Free Delivery.

Use standard one inch weights in a design where the weight you have selected on the peg is immediately available to all the exercise machines on the multigym, theres no need to mess with cables or clips and springs as the unique design of this multigym makes the weights available for exercise without any setup required.
BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights, Easy Setup, No Messing with Cables

No Messing with Cables.

The multigym is based around a weight bench, what that means is the weight bench is the heart of this multigym with additional exercise machines added around the weight bench.

There's a lateral pulldown bar with of course the weight bench seat to sit on so you can do forward and reverse lat pulldowns, there's a chest press which is a standard press and by the movement of just one lever becomes a butterfly press.

The weightbench backrest is an inclined backrest and you can adjust the backrest for any position from flat to straight upright, the leg station uniquely incorporates a arm rest for doing bicep curls, as well as leg curls and leg extensions on the leg station.

Remove the bench which just lifts away from the multigym frame and you have a real rowing machine, you can put your feet on the footplates and row with a real rowing machine handle and cord, this is not some strange rowing machine with a chain that claims to be a real rowing machine buy in practice is just a weight hanging of a chain.

On the rowing machine you can do upright rowing (standing up), seated rowing (conventional rowing machine rowing) and bent rowing as well as preacher curls, bicep curls, wrist curls, forearm curls, shoulder shrugs and rear leg raises.
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