Bodytrain 1500w Black Vibration Plate.

Read the review of the Bodytrain 1500w Black Vibration Plate, the Vibration Machine and Massage Machine with Full Body Massage.

The Bodytrain 1500w Black Vibration Plate is a vibration machine with automatic exercise programmes that vibrate the stand on machine at different speeds and frequencies to exercise various muscle groups, toning your muscles and helping you lose weight, at the same time the machine is also a massage machine a very powerful stand on massage machine that can give you a full body massage or just massage away aches and pains in your feet and legs from standing up all day.
Bodytrain 1500w Black Vibration Plate, Vibration Machine and Massage Machine

Vibration Machine and Massage Machine.

There's a built in timer so you can just set how long the vibration exercise or full body massage should last, there's even a fat scan function which automatically measures the fat on your body using the BMI (Body Mass Index) technique, the advantage of the body scan is that every time you used the machine for exercise and losing weight you can measure your body fat to see how much you have lost, that way your be inspired to continue as you can actually see your fat lose week after week.

The Bodytrain 1500w Black Vibration Plate is a powerful 1500 watt vibration machine and massage machine with 50 different speed levels, this is a very powerful machine that can give deep massage and strong vibrations for exercise and weight loss, you stand on this machine and everything from your feet upwards can be massaged this is not a tiny saucer shaped vibration plate that has no power, this is a large and powerful vibration massage machine.

You can use the automatic programmes to just exercise, lose weight or massage without you needing to do anything or you can use the manual control to be able to adjust time, speed and intensity of the vibrations.
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