Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate.

Read the review of the Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate, Vibration Machine with Timer, Heavy Duty Machine.

If your looking for an automatic vibration machine that can let you choose one of several vibration plate and massage programmes and then let you adjust the speed and intensity with 50 different levels to choose from, where the vibration machine is automatic and can control everything for you then take a look at the Bodytrain 1500w Vibration Plate.
Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate, Vibration Machine with Timer

Vibration Machine with Timer.

Whether your looking for a vibration plate exercise to tone muscle, improve definition, gain stamina, strength, lose weight or just to stay fit your find the Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate can do it all, its also got massage functions that let you stand on the vibration plate and experience a full body massage, massaging your feet and legs working up through your body to your arms and neck, with the different intensities available now everyone can massage themselves.

The vibration machine can also calculate your body fat using the BMI (Body Mass Indicator) system, this really improves your chance of success with a vibration machine, because every time you use the Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate you can see any changes in your body mass instantly, that's what spurs everyone to keep on using the vibration machine each week.

The Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate is a heavy duty stand on vibration machine, its very powerful and has a 1500 watt motor to power over 50 speeds and vibration levels for both massage and vibration plate exercises.

There's 3 different displays on the console and they show time, speed and fat scan so you can see all the data in one go, there's buttons for manual massage as well as automatic vibration plate settings giving you the most choice of any vibration plate.
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