Bodytrain 2000w Black Vibration Plate.

Read the review of the Bodytrain 2000w Black Vibration Plate, Large Plate for Vibration and Massage.

The Bodytrain 2000w Vibration Plate is one of the largest vibration plates available, this vibration plate is designed for the whole body, its not one of those tiny saucers that you can barely stand on let alone exercise on, with the Bodytrain 2000w Black Vibration Plate you can exercise with plenty of room.
Bodytrain 2000w Black Vibration Plate, Large Plate

Large Plate.

The Bodytrain 2000w Black Vibration Plate is powerful to with 2000 watts of power available to provide over 50 speed levels so you can have slow speeds when you want a low intensity vibration plate exercise or when your first starting to use vibration plates and a high intensity when you want a vigorous vibration plate workout.

There's a built-in vibration plate computer display and controls where you can select the exercise programme you want and how fast you want the vibrations and how intense you want the vibrations, from barely noticeable to muscle moving madness the choice is uses.

The Bodytrain 2000w Black Vibration Plate also has massage programs and you ca get a whole body massage just by standing on the platform and getting everything from your feet all the way up your legs and torso massaged, perfect if you have been on your feet all day and need a massage on your tired, aching feet.

The Bodytrain 2000w Black Vibration Plate even has a built-in fat scan where using the BMI (Body Mass Index) scale your fat level will be calculated, this is great encouragement to keep using the vibration plate as each week the fat scan will show you to have lose fat, encouraging you to use the machine more ready for next weeks fat scan.

You can do a full range of exercises on the vibration plate from squats, calf raises, lunges and upper body exercises, vibration plates will help you lose weight, tone and strengthen your body and muscles, vibration plates are up to 3 times more effective than exercising along.

The Bodytrain Black Vibration Plate is a stand on vibration exercise machine it has its own handlebars and is solid and hardwearing, you might have seen tiny vibration exercise machines that look like they would break if you stood on one well the Bodytrain Vibration Plate is certainly not one of those with dual handlebars made of high grade steel tube you can do all sorts of exercises using the bars and support your weight on the bars and you won't break the vibration machine and that certainly can't be said for a lot of BodyTrains competitors.

The black rubber mat at the bottom of the vibration machine foot area is what vibrates that's where the vibrations come from and they vibrate up your body from your feet through your calves soothing your knees and any aches and pains in you're knees massaging your calf muscles as the vibrations move upwards massaging your buttocks and thighs up through your back and massaging your shoulders, arms and neck.

The control panel that's above the upper handlebars does not vibrate and the handlebars don't vibrate either only the floor vibrates and that's exactly how it should be if the control panel vibrated you would find it difficult to use the buttons and read the display and if the handlebars vibrated there would be no support on some of BodyTrains competitors your find they produce models where everything vibrates and as a consequence those models are practically useless.

Indentations on the rubber foot mat are where the vibrations come from and the indentations outline the foot positions of where your meant to stand making it easy to stand in the right place.

Use the vibration machine as a massage machine and get the type of massage you like from a light finger tip massage to a full body sports massage or deep tissue massage with controls for vibration speed and vibration intensity you can adjust the massage settings to just how you like them.
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