Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate.

Read the review of the Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate for Whole Body or Tired Aching Feet for Exercise and Massage.

Do you come home from work with tired, aching feet and long for a foot massage or full body massage but not using some cheap gadget which does not even work, then you might like the Bodytrain 2000w Vibration Plate, this is a full body vibration plate that can offer vibration plate exercise or foot and full body massage all by standing on the powerful vibration plate.
Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate, Whole Body or Tired Aching Feet

Whole Body or Tired Aching Feet.

Choose from automatic vibration plate exercise programmes that will exercise each part of your body applying different speed vibrations and different intensity vibrations to shape, tone and firm your body, on the massage settings you can get everything from a foot massage, leg massage or full body massage all from standing on the vibration plate and selecting the automatic programmes.

You can choose from 70 different speeds of vibrations so there's something for all levels of massage and fitness from slight tingly massages and vibrations to muscle quivering vibrations that the professionals use.

This is a full size machine for vibration exercise and not the same as the little round lid type vibration plates that you may have seen advertised and just don't work.

The vibration plate is ideal for exercises like pushups, dips, squats and calf raises the cords provided help you do a greater variety of exercises or just to hang on tight if you have selected an intensive workout.

Delivery is free of charge and the price has been discounted by 50% so the Bodytrain 2000w Silver Vibration Plate now represents excellent value for money.

There's a digital display console where you select the exercise programme or massage programme you want to use, you can also select a manual mode where you set the vibration speed and vibration intensity by yourself.
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