Buy Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike.

Buy Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike the Indoor Exercise Bike to Exercise at Home.

For exercise at home you can't beat an indoor racing bike, no worries about the roads getting dangerous with too many cars, no worries about getting cold or wet with the UK weather, using a static racing bike at home is much better than a racing bike on the roads, you can use the exercise bike anytime you like.
Buy Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike, Indoor Exercise Bike.

Indoor Exercise Bike.

Modern exercise racing bikes are hi-tech and just as good as road racing bikes these are not the old fashioned exercise bikes that your Father would have used, these are modern, computer controlled racing bikes that look and feel like real road racing bikes.

With a large 13kg flywheel mounted as the front wheel and chain driven from the pedals the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike behaves exactly like a real racing bike racing on the road, the large flywheel makes for fluid speed up and slow down pedalling and no sticking or jerky movements with low noise too which might be an important consideration where you live or just for the peace and quiet whilst you exercise.

If your always slipping off the pedals or just feel uncomfortable or not supported on exercise bike pedals then your like the adjustable foot cage used on the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike it's just like the professional pedal setups and being fully adjustable will fit both small feet and large.

You even get a free water bottle mounted on the front wheel post and within easy reach whilst you are cycling even if your cycling hard and competitively, the water bottle has an aluminium look to it and certainly looks very smart.

How hard you have to peddle is controlled by a resistance knob mounted on the cross bar of the bike, turn the resistance knob with your hand whilst you're cycling to increase the resistance levels and make it harder to pedal and turn the resistance knob the other direction to make cycling easier.
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