Cintura Omega Exercise Bike.

Read the review of the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, a Newbie Exercise Cycle that's as Cheap as Chips.

A cheap as chips exercise bike that's great for newbie's who don't want to spend a lot of money on an exercise bike but want something that will help them exercise, the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike is cheap but has some great features too like a maximum user weight of 16 stone so it's a perfect exercise bike for the whole family and at this price you can afford to buy two or three exercise bikes for the family to use.
Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, Newbie Exercise Cycle

Newbie Exercise Cycle.

Using a magnetic drive system to provide the resistance to your cycling, a resistance you can change using the screw knob, just select the level of effort you would like to make while you cycle from easy flat road to impossible hill the choice is yours.

Magnetic resistance systems are also super quiet so no one will know your exercising on your exercise bike unless you choose to tell them, this is a stable bike with large feet that won't vibrate or scratch the floor, the computer display provided on the exercise bike measures the time you have been cycling, the time taken and remaining, the speed at which your cycling and the distance you have cycled.

There's a wide seat so if you have a large bottom, finally you will have found an exercise bike that's comfortable, the seat adjusts in all angles, the seat goes up and down so you can get your feet nicely on the pedals and the seat goes backwards and forwards so you can get the arm length right to the handlebars, the seat also tilts for the most comfortable position.

The Cintura Omega uses a belt drive and magnetic resistance system so there are few moving parts and a simple and reliable exercise bike that won't wear out or break down.
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