Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine.

Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine the Quiet Rower with Folding Design.

The clever folding design raises the aluminium rail upwards so when not in use the Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine won't take up much space and the super quiet magnetic resistance system means you can sit in front of the TV with the family whilst you row its that quiet the rowing machine won't interrupt their viewing or yours.
Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine, Quiet Rower.

Quiet Rower, Folding Design.

There's eight levels of resistance which are adjusted by a resistance knob located just below the digital display which is built into the front body of the rowing machine and because the digital display is built flush with the housing of the rowing machine it won't get damaged when you store the rower.

A heart rate receiver is built into the Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine so if you wear a chest strap or heart rate measuring wristwatch they will automatically talk to the rowing machine without any wires and transmit their hear rate readings directly to the rowing machine which will then display your heart rate on the screen.

For a lightweight design that's easily stored the long beam on the rower is made from aluminium a strong but lightweight metal, the seat slides on top of the long beam and is a comfortable moulded seat with a good height to the seat to prevent vibration or jarring from the backwards and forwards motion from being felt in your back or spine.

The pedals have adjustable foot straps with long foot straps that are easy to pull tight or undo when you're sat on the rowing machine seat.

The digital display measures the time you have been rowing, the number of strokes you have made whilst rowing, the stroke rate calculated for each individual stroke, the calories you have used in rowing and the heart rate from any wireless heart rate transmitter your wearing.
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