Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Read the review of the Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike with Advanced Training Computer and 21 Exercise Programmes.

The Cintura Tempest Exercise Bike is white in colour with orange colour detailing around the pedals and sides, the Cintura Tempest has an adjustable saddle which cannot only adjust up and down like a conventional bicycle saddle but also forwards and backwards so the user can adjust the bike for perfect arms reach no matter how tall or short they are.
Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, Advanced Training Computer

Advanced Training Computer.

21 exercise programmes are built into the Cintura Tempest, these automatic programmes are designed with specific goals in mind like beginner cycling, experienced cycling, high speed course, lose weight, trim and firm, hill cycle and many more, select an exercise programme to match your goals and match your mood, try the cardio vascular program or the long cycle program.

The colour digital display is large and has good contract between the numbers so if you have poor eyesight or like to take your glasses off for exercise you can still read the digital display easily.

The Cinturta Tempest will display your exercise time (current time as you cycle), distance travelled and speed along with the calories you have used whilst exercising, this is a very clever way to maintain interest in your exercise bike cycling and not get bored that you're not losing weight, simply watch your calories count up as you cycle, the exercise bike will show you the total calories used.

As well as calories the large display also shows your heart rate, pulse sensors built into the bikes handlebars constantly take your pulse and display this reading on the screen as your heart rate, even better the exercise programmes can automatically adjust to match your changing hear rate, when you're at rest and not being pushed the exercise programme will see this and quicken the pace or the effort required, conversely if you're in need of a cool down period the exercise bike will drop the intensity or speed required whilst you recover.
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