Cintura Tempest Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Read the review of the Cintura Tempest Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, it's a Home Cross Trainer that's Cheap and Easy to Use.

Styled in beautiful white with orange highlights and black foam handles this cross trainer from Cintura certainly looks the part, with a exercise training computer mounted behind the handles and 21 different exercises to choose from as well as choosing manual control and just cross training, exercises include, weight loss, stamina, calorie burn, workout and lots more.
Cintura Tempest Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, Home Cross Trainer

Home Cross Trainer.

The training computer screen is colour and it's easy to read being one of the larger screens we have seen, with speed, distance, heart rate and calorie read outs, enter your weight before you start using the cross trainer and the cross trainer will display the calories that you have used while your exercising, there's certainly no better way to lose weight than by actually seeing the calories burn off on a screen in front of you.

There are no jerky starts and sticky pedal motion with the 5kg rear flywheel which provides for a very smooth cross train action as the momentum of your stride is maintained by the flywheel.

Your heart rate is measured by pulse sensors located on the handlebars, simply hold the handles while you cross train and your heart rate will be displayed on screen, the exercise programmes on the Cintura can use your heart rate to adjust themselves for an exercise program that's customised to you, it's like having a personal trainer with you all the time.

Dual handlebars are included on the Cintura Tempest, so you can exercise with a step action or with a cross train action, the step handlebars remain still whilst the cross train handlebars are moving, buy the Cintura Tempest and you get a cross trainer and a step machine in one.
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