Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Read the review of the Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer, it's the Cheapest Cross Trainer in UK and comes with Free Delivery.

The Cintura650 may be the cheapest Cross Trainer available in the UK but it's also full of features like infinite adjustment resistance, so whatever effort level you like you can set from a control knob from very easy to impossibly touch to cross train, its easy to change the resistance level.
Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer, Cheapest Cross Trainer in UK

Cheapest Cross Trainer in UK.

Made from high grade 1.5mm steel this cross trainer is built to last, whilst its cheap in price its defiantly not cheap in construction with an all metal frame that puts other cross trainers costing three times as much to shame.

There's a very smart looking 7 function computer with digital display that displays the speed you're exercising, the distance you have travelled, your heart rate and the calories you have used up whilst crosstraining.

It's amazing but for such a cheap cross trainer you also get built-in heart rate monitoring using sensors that are built into the crosstrainer handlebars, hold the sensors and your pulse is measured, this is then displayed on the screen as your hear rate, enter your weight into the digital display and the calories you are burning as you cross train will be displayed, there's no better way to stay motivated to keep fit or lose weight than to see your calories burn away on the digital display.

For those of you with large feet or who just like foot plates with a lot of room, the Cintura650 has extra large footplates so there's room to move your feet backwards or forwards to your preferred position, you don't have to stand in a unnatural stance just to fit on the cross trainer.

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