Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer.

Read the review of the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer with unique No Sore Feet Articulating Footpads.

Most elliptical trainers have fixed footplates or footpads that don't move as you train, the problem with this is that as you move it puts your foot and leg into positions that can cause injury or sore and aching muscles, this is because the footplate forces the foot and leg into a fixed position, with an articulating footplate, and articulating just means able to move, the footplate moves and adjusts as you use the elliptical trainer and your foot and leg can follow a moving footplate rather than being fixed in an uncomfortable position.
Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer, No Sore Feet

No Sore Feet.

This is a heavy duty elliptical trainer that can cope with a maximum user weight of 21 stone, so if your larger than average, don't be concerned this is a strong elliptical trainer that will last for many years of home use and comes with a 5 year frame and braking system warranty, so your get a new elliptical trainer or repair if any problems are found.

With fixed and moving handlebars you can use this dual action elliptical trainer for stepping when you use the fixed handlebars and elliptical training when you use the moving handlebars, if you have a large stride length then the Fuel Fitness FE46F Elliptical Trainer is a good choice because you have a maximum stride length of 20 inches, for smaller strides this is not a problem but for taller people with larger strides they can find they want to put their legs too far apart on the pedals with their feet actually on the ends of the pedals, this elliptical trainer has no such problems.

The motion on this elliptical trainer are very fluid with no jerky starts or wobbling and this is due to the 21 stone flywheel which provides the momentum to keep your steps fluid and easy going, of course there is a full range of exercise programmes and a manual button too for people who just like to use an elliptical trainer without setting anything up, a pedal and go mode.
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