Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer.

Read the review of the Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer, it's a Good Looking Cross Trainer with a Lifetime Warranty.

This is the home Elliptical Trainer the professionals use with a large 36kg flywheel at the front which ensures a smooth elliptical action as you train, with no difficult starts or hard to start steps, the large flywheel provides a fluid motion that makes training so much easier, you really notice how smooth the elliptical action.
Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer, Good Looking Cross Trainer

Good Looking Cross Trainer.

There's lots of choice for effort level, with 20 different effort levels to choose from all easily selectable from the digital display console mounted behind the handlebars, the handlebars contain a pulse sensor which measures your pulse and calculates your heart rate, displaying your heart rate on the built in digital display, the exercise programs even allow control from your heart rate, adjusting the speed and effort level required by monitoring your heart rate so you always get the most effective workout.

You can stride forwards or backwards on the Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer, some people like to stride forwards and others backwards, now not all elliptical trainers allow you to stride backwards, but this trainer does.

Work the glutes, buttocks, hamstrings, thighs and quadriceps with the Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer, use the specially designed exercise programs built-in to the elliptical trainers computer to select an exercise program to target a particular muscle group.

A cooling fan is built-in to the console so you can switch it on and have cool air directed on you whilst your exercise, and the console has built in stereo speakers too so you can plug in your IPod, MP3 player or phone to listen to music or make telephone calls.

The frame and braking system on the Fuel Fitness FS420E Elliptical Trainer carry a lifetime warranty, so if anything goes wrong ever, your get your trainer repaired or replaced free of charge, delivery is free too.
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