IronMan 3 Station Multigym.

Read the review of the IronMan 3 Station Multigym an All In One Massive Multigym with Free Weight Stack and Free Delivery.

With ab station, leg extension station, lateral pulldown bar with seat, chest exercise section (straight press and butterfly press), leg extension bar with free ankle strap and a chain handlebar for rowing and bicep exercise you get a truly massive number of exercise machines all in the one clever design.
IronMan 3 Station Multigym, All In One Massive Multigym

All In One Massive Multigym.

You also get 150lbs or 68kg of weights for the weight stack arranged in 15lbs bars and all the weights are available on all the machines, there are no settings to change, levers to pull or clips to move, just sit at the exercise station and start your reps, no need for any setup.

Delivery is free too and that's juts as well as it might cost a bit to send 68kg by courier, there's a 12 month warranty so should anything go wrong your get a free repair or new free multigym.

What you won't find on any other multigym is a dedicated leg press but IronMan have managed to add one to the 3 Station Multigym and the price still remains low with some big discounts available meaning the multigym is now half price.

You can do leg raises and leg dips too with the IronMan 3 Station Multigym and you won't find many other multigyms offering that let alone at the bargain price that you can buy the IronMan Multigym for.

With a built in rowing machine too you really have just about every piece of weight exercise equipment you would find on the gym floor.

On the lateral pull down bar you can do assisted crunches as well as triceps extensions, lat pulldowns (front and rear) and sit on the bench whilst doing your reps.

The chest press is both a straight press and at the flick of a button a butterfly press so you can do all variants of chest and shoulder press.
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