IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench.

Read the review of the IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench for Olympic Inspired Weight Training with Dumbbell Weights Included.

Have you been inspired by the Olympics, maybe just to get fit or maybe to take up weightlifting and bodybuilding to try and be as fit and well built as the athletes you have seen on television.
IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench, Olympic Inspired Weight Training

Olympic Inspired Weight Training.

If you want to train with a set of weights then your going to need the IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench, not only do you get two 1.5kg weights included for free but you get a folding weight bench that means when your not using the weight bench you can fold it and put it out of the way, in a wardrobe or even under the bed.

The back rest of this weight bench is curved, not only does that make the IronMan bench more comfortable it makes your weight training exercises more effective as your body is placed in a better position for weight training than on a flat weight bench so each rep you do has more power and your also less likely to strain yourself.

For safety there's leg and foot bars and these are coated in thick safety foam for comfort no matter how hard you train, the leg and foot bar heights are completely adjustable so whether your big or small, tall or short you can adjust this weight bench to your exact size.

The weight bench has dumbbell holders so when your not weight training you can keep your dumbbells with your weight training board, you can even keep your dumbbells on your board when the board is folded making sure you don't misplace your dumbbells.

Made from steel with silver coloured metal and black bench as well as black safety foam, a very good looking weight bench that would look stunning in any home and delivery is free of charge so you don't have to pay for any heavy weights to be couriered to you, there's also a 12 month warranty should you experience any problems.
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