NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike.

Read the review of the NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike, this Travel Exercise Bike Folds Up Small and can be Stored Under Your Bed.

The NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike is a great exercise bike to take on your travels as it folds completely flat and can easily be put in the boot of your car, transferred between houses and even checked into an aircrafts hold to take on your holidays.
NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike, Travel Exercise Bike

Travel Exercise Bike.

The travel exercise bike is not just great for travelling but it's great for use at home as when you're not using the exercise bike you can fold the bike up and store the bike under the stairs, under your bed, in the hallway, in the corner of a room, in the shed or garage.

Not only is the NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike a great exercise bike for travelling with or for use at home or in student accommodation where you don't have much room or in a bedsit where again space is limited but it's a very stylish exercise bike too with a grey coloured frame, the grey is actually a very good looking tough coating that's been applied to the lightweight metal frame, the seat, bike display and tension control all have yellow colour detailing which makes this exercise bike look superb.

The NX Sports Foldable Exercise Bike is one of a new breed of exercise bikes that are designed to look beautiful, be highly practical and very easy to use and so intuitive too.

The maximum user weight for this exercise bike is 18 stone, so all the family can use this travelling exercise bike and not worry if the bike is sturdy enough to support them, its a solid exercise bike that will provide years of service and comes with a one year warranty where if you experience any problems the travel exercise bike will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Delivery is free and this travel exercise bike has a super low price.
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