Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance.

Read the review of the Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance, it's the Cheapest Exercise Bike in UK and comes with Free Delivery.

Whilst being the cheapest exercise bike in the UK the Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike is not lacking in features with a silent magnetic resistance system that has few moving parts and therefore no maintenance is required and it's much less likely to break down than other exercise bikes, the magnetic resistance is much quieter than the big fans you find on some other makes of exercise bike.
Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance, Cheapest Exercise Bike in UK

Cheapest Exercise Bike in UK.

There's a large flywheel inside the exercise bike which helps create a fluid motion, no stops or starts or hard to start and jerky motions, the ride on this exercise bike is very close to what you would feel on a real bike.

Handlebar sensors are also included which is a bargain for such a low priced exercise bike, hold your hands on the handlebars as you exercise and your pulse will be automatically read from your hands, the pulse information is then used to display your heart rate on the digital display.

The PowerTech Pegasus Exercise Bike will even calculate your body fat and display the BMI Body Mass Index number on the screen (only when you press the button, it's not on display for all to see, for privacy reasons), as you use the exercise bike each week you can watch how your Body Mass Index will reduce overtime, providing valuable feedback that your losing weight, that's a great motivation for all exercise bike users.

With a maximum user weight of 16 stone everyone can feel comfortable that the PowerTech Pegasus is a quality exercise bike made from solid steel construction, it's an exercise bike the whole family can use.

There's a nice large seat too that has a very good height range and will help the smallest legs to reach the pedals and the tallest legs too.

The Powertech Pegasus exercise bike with magnetic resistance as you would expect has an adjustable height saddle which is also very long and ideal for both tall people as well as short people as the height if the saddle can easily be adjusted without the need for tools as all you need do is turn a hand wheel at the bottom of the saddle stem.

The feet of the exercise bike are also adjustable so you can use the exercise bike on uneven surfaces without the exercise bike wobbling or making vibration noises and scratching your floor you can use the bike on all floor types from carpet to ceramic tiles, concrete, wooden decking, wooden floors and lino.

The pedals are large with plenty of room for all feet sizes from small to sixe 13 feet and there's a non slip pattern on the peddle to prevent your feet slipping off and a foot strap to hold your foot on the advantage of the foot straps is that with your foot pushed into the strap your pressing down with the ball of your foot where the power is and without using the foot strap your more likely to press down with your toes which can lead to sore or aching feet.

The seat or as it's an exercise bike should we say saddle is very large as large as a plate in fact and is well padded so everyone's bottom is sure to feel comfortable on such a large saddle.

The advantage of a magnetic resistance system is that its completely silent and so if you like some quiet time whilst you cycle you won't be disturbed an neither will those around you as the exercise bike is very family friendly and your be able to exercise anytime you like from early in the morning till late at night without waking anyone.
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