Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance.

Read the review of the Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance, its Fun and an Easy to Use Rower that Folds Away for Storage.

This is a good looking rowing machine with red highlights on the flywheel housing, in a smart silver colour with black padded seat and pedals.
Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance, Fun, Easy to Use Rower

Fun, Easy to Use Rower.

The Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine is very reasonably priced with features that you would normally only find on rowing machines costing much more.

The resistance that you row against is provided by magnetic resistance, the advantages of magnetic resistance is that it's totally quiet and no whooshing noises that you get from fan rowers so it's ideal for the home where you don't want your exercising to disturb others in the house, magnetic resistance also has few moving parts so there's less to wear out and your rowing machine will last for many years, there's also a 12 month warranty so your get a repair or replacement if there are any problems.

The Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine has a long aluminium beam which means that the rowing machine is very lightweight and the whole beam is hinged and can be moved upwards into an upright position, in the upright position it's very easy to store and takes up very little room, you can store the upright rowing machine in the corner of the room or even behind a piece of furniture or the door when not in use.

There's a display on the rowing machine with shows you the number of strokes you have done, the distance you have travelled in kilometres and the calories you have burned whilst you exercise, rowing is a very good cardiovascular exercise as your moving both your arms and your legs which are the largest muscle groups in your body, by simply entering your weight into the rowing machine your calorie loss is calculated, that's the actual calories you have used up (burned) whilst you have been rowing, so its a great way to monitor your weight loss and works very well if you're counting the calories in your food.
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