Reebok i-Run SE Music Treadmill Orange.

Read the review of the Reebok i-Run SE Music Treadmill, the Shock Absorbing Treadmill with No Tired Legs or Sore Joints.

If you enjoy running or walking on a treadmill but suffer from sore legs, sore feet or sore joints then chances are you're not running on the Reebok i-Run SE Music Treadmill as this treadmill for Reebok has a 6 point cushioning system, 6 shock absorbers under the treadmill deck cushion your walking and your running and lessen the impact effect of running on your joints, feet and legs.
Reebok i-Run SE Music Treadmill Orange, Shock Absorbing Treadmill

Shock Absorbing Treadmill.

This is a music treadmill with two speakers built into the front console of the treadmill, you can plug in an iPod or iPhone or other MP3 music player and listen to music from the treadmill speakers whilst you are running, if you're always getting headphone cords tangled or find the headphones fall out of your ears when your jogging then this music treadmill is for you.

The Reebok i-Run SE Music Treadmill features EKG handrails (Elektrokardiogramm) sensors in the handrail, simply hold the handrail as you run or walk and your pulse is measured through the handrail sensors, this pulse is then converted into a heart rate and displayed on the digital display as you run, so you can see your current heart rate and how hard your heart is working, the Reebok i-Run SE Music Treadmill can use this heart rate information to automatically adjust the exercise programme you have selected making the running course easier or harder depending on your current heart rate.

Looking to lose weight then the built-in calorie counter will be helpful, as you run or work the exact calories you are burning are calculated and displayed on the screen, use this calorie information to see how many calories you lose per exercise session, if you're trying to lose weight as part of a calorie controlled diet then a calorie counting treadmill like the Reebok i-Run SE Music Treadmill is great.
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