Reebok iBike.S Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Read the review of the Reebok iBike Magnetic Exercise Bike, it's a Beautiful iBike with Freewheel Motion.

Reebok are onto a winner with the beautiful iBike, the elegant white finish with black handlebars, pedal and seat and stainless steel seat column, make this a beautiful exercise bike, coupled with the stylish design and you have a home exercise bike that will indeed look good in every home.
Reebok iBike.S Magnetic Exercise Bike, Beautiful iBike

Beautiful iBike.

Part of Reeboks CV range the iBike is built to last with a maximum user weight of 18 stone the whole family can use the iBike, for quiet cycling magnetic resistance is used with the added bonus that magnetic resistance has few moving parts so the bike won't break down, Reebok are so confident that the iBike will last for years that they give a 2 year warranty for free.

The Reebok iBike has a high tech yet simple to use display that shows you heart rate as calculated through the handle bars pulse sensor and calculates the calories that you have burned as you cycle, a great way to stay motivated whilst you cycle is tom watch your calories burn off.

There's no trouble starting to pedal or keep momentum as there's a 7kg flywheel inside the exercise bike that keeps your speed up and guarantees a smooth ride.

Reebok have a unique freewheel system that let really does feel like you are freewheeling down hills and along straights, the Reebok iBike is as close to real cycling as your ever likely to get on a exercise bike.

For easy storage there's transport wheels mounted at the bottom of one end of the exercise bike, simply lift one end and wheel the exercise bike around, great for storage and sharing the exercise bike amongst several people.

The non-slip pedals have feet straps so you can fasten the pedals to your feet, you can cycle without putting your feet in the foot straps but if you're elderly or intend to use a high resistance setting of cycle fast it's recommended.
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