Reebok i-Run SE Music Treadmill Grey.

Read the review of the Reebok i-Run SE Music Treadmill Grey with iPod, iPhone, MP3 Player Speakers Built-In and EKG Handrails.

Do you like to listen to music whilst you exercise but hate wearing headphones, do they get all tangled up and twisted in your treadmill or do they fall out when you are jogging then the Reebok i-Run SE Music Treadmill is what you have been waiting for, with built-in stereo speakers either side of the central console you can plug in your iPod, iPhone or other MP3 player using the 3.5mm jack plug, your then have music coming out of the treadmill speakers and no more headphones to worry about.
Reebok i-Run SE Music Treadmill Grey, iPod, iPhone, MP3 Player Speakers Built-In

iPod, iPhone, MP3 Player Speakers Built-In.

There's heart rate sensors too, built into the handlebars, simply hold the handlebars and the sensors (one for each hand), will record your pulse and display this on the digital display as a heart rate do your know if your current effort level is too high, too low or just right, and the exercise programmes built into the treadmill can use this heart rate information to automatically adjust themselves to make your running easier or harder depending on your heart rate so you're always get the best run of your life every time.

You can angle the treadmill by up to 3% incline, so if you like running or walking up hill, now you can run uphill in the comfort of your own home, this stylish treadmill is not your fathers treadmill it's modern and beautiful looking designed to fit into any home.

With a large running deck of 50 inches by 16 inches you have plenty of room and won't feel boxed in or in need of a bigger treadmill, with lots of room on the running deck you don't have to worry about your stride being too big for the treadmill, there's plenty of room and you can run and walk how you like.
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