Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Read the review of the Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer, the Top of the Range Reebok iSeries with Black Gloss Finish.

This is a stylish cross trainer and as the best cross trainer made by Reebok it's got some great features too, now with great savings as the new discounted price is half the original price.
Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer, Top of the Range Reebok iSeries

Top of the Range Reebok iSeries.

The black high gloss finish really puts the Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer in a class of its own, not only is it great fun to use but it's very stylish too and will look great in your home.

This is the only Reebok model to feature electronic resistance, what that means is that the resistance can be adjusted by you with a touch button, increasing or decreasing the resistance (the force you have to stride against), but not only that the actual exercise programmes themselves can adjust the electronic resistance and automatically change the resistance (how hard an exercise program is) all by themselves so a exercise programme can take up hills and along flats varying the electronic resistance to give you that effect, it's a more natural exercise programme and one very welcome as it makes intensive cardio vascular exercises possible with a varying intensity and rest periods which will help you burn fat faster.

If you're not taller than 6 feet tall then the Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer is good for you as the maximum stride length available is 15 inches.

This elliptical cross trainer features a 6kg flywheel that keeps your strides very smooth with no jerky starts or harder strides until the cross trainer is 'warmed up', the special design of the flywheel means that whilst only being a 6kg flywheel it has an inertia mass of 20kg, that clever math bit means that when your striding on the cross trainer the smoothness will be exactly the same as if you had a 20kg flywheel.

You get 6 exercise programmes and a digital display that shows the time you have taken, the time remaining, your current speed, your RPM, the distance you have crosstrained, the calories you have burned whilst crosstraining and your pulse.

This is a dual action cross trainer with both moving (elliptical) and fixed (step) handlebars.
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