SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike.

Buy SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike the Medical Style Exercise Bike for Rehab, Fitness Exercise Cycle.

Do you need to get some rehab or improve your fitness level at home then buy the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike it's a modern medical style exercise bike that's practically zero maintenance and offers some great features like an advanced digital display that's very easy to use and offers useful information about your cycling like how many calories your burning and your current heart rate.
SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike, Medical Style Exercise Bike.

Medical Style Exercise Bike.

You don't need to wear a chest heart rate strap of in fact strap anything to yourself as your pulse is measured through the handlebars, sensors in the handlebars record your pulse as you hold the handlebars and convert this pulse reading into a heart rate reading just like a doctor or nurse would do when checking your pulse, the heart rate and pulse information are then displayed on the large computer display which is located between the handlebars.

On the digital display as well as continuous flashing numbers showing you all your statistics your also see moving bar graphs showing your progress so its easy to see how well your doing the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike will even warn you if your heart rate or pulse goes too high or too low.

The SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike is easy to get in and out of as the bike has been specifically designed for easy access and does not require you to move your legs up high or jump up and stretch to reach the saddle or handlebars which are completely adjustable with the saddle and handlebars lowering right down to make a very small, very compact exercise bike and extending to make a very large and very spacious exercise bike.

The digital display unit is completely movable on a bendy and stretchy arm so if it's not at a good angle for you, simply bend or stretch the display until you can see everything clearly.
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