Tahiti Amber Massage Table.

Read the review of the Tahiti Amber Massage Table, Large Massage Table for home and spa use that easily folds into its own suitcase style carrier.

If you would like a large massage table that has a large length of 77 inches, a generous width of 28 inches and an adjustable height of 25 inches to 34 inches with a minimum massage user weight of 38 stone then this is the massage table for you, if your tall or heavier in weight or just prefer to use your own massage table and not the ones provided at the spa, then you can take this massage table with you to the spa.
Tahiti Amber Massage Table, Large Massage Table

Large Massage Table.

This large massage table folds in upon itself into a suitcase shape with its own carry handle, carry the massage table to your massage centre or spa and lie-down on your own massage table, if you're easily suffer from allergies this might be the best way forward.

With your own massage table at home you can invite mobile massage therapists and mobile beauty therapists to use your very own table in the comfort of your own home, use the massage table for massages and for beauty treatments.

There are removable armrests and face cradle too, so if you want them on the table leave them pushed in and if you want them out, just pull them off, they just push in again later, the face cradle is adjustable too, the arm rests when attached to the massage table will increase the available width of the table as with your arms on the armrests there's more room for your body on the main area of the massage table.

If you don't like to use a separate face cradle there's a removable bung in the massage table, push the bung out and you have a hole for your face in the main body of the massage table and of course when you no longer need a face hole simply put the bung back in the table.
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