Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool.

Read the review of the Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool, this Luxury Massage Stool has the Cheapest UK Price.

Made from luxury cream coloured PU leather this massage stool has inches of memory foam covered by cream leather to make this a very comfortable massage stool.
Tahiti Cream Therapist Stool, Luxury Massage Stool

Luxury Massage Stool.

Use the stool for sitting on to get up close to you massage clients without having to stand or kneel getting sore legs and back or use the massage stool to rest your clients leg whilst you massage there legs or feet or give a pedicure.

This is a folding massage stool so will easily fold for carrying and to put in the boot of your car or on the backseat, if you're a travelling massage therapist this massage stool will be all you need to massage legs and do pedicures.

The luxury massage stool has a light oak wooden frame that folds away easily and a PU cream leather surface, underneath the cream leather is inches of comfortable memory form which is very comfortable for legs and feet as well as for bottoms.

If your only want to offer foot massages or pedicures there's no sense in carrying a full size massage chair or massage table with you and its far easier if beauty therapy clients and massage clients see that you will be using a massage stool so they won't fell the need to strip off to their underwear.

In the home this massage stool makes a perfect stool for your massage therapist to sit on when you invite them to your home, or just a beautiful luxurious stool for your home.

There's free delivery on this massage stool and with a super low price you won't find such a quality massage stool anywhere else, also the massage stool is backed up by a one year guarantee should any faults develop your get a free repair or new stool.
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