Tahiti Niam Massage Chair.

Read the review of the Tahiti Niam Massage Chair, Home Massage Chair ideal for Pregnant Mothers and the Overweight.

If your pregnant (or know someone who is), your be suffering with all manner of aches and pains, especially back pain and how lovely it would be to get a massage, but if your heavily pregnant then a conventional massage table is far from ideal, with the home massage chair, you sit in a chair which provides easy access to your back, necks, legs and arms whilst baby remains completely safe and you enjoy a massage.
Tahiti Niam Massage Chair, Home Massage Chair

Home Massage Chair.

Sit facing forward in the chair (normal sitting position) and your back is supported by the back rest, the back rest is adjustable so it's easy to lower your position or higher it for what's most comfortable, you can also sit backwards with your knee's on the knee pads and your face in the face cradle, if you don't like face cradles it's an easy push/pull to remove.

The face cradle is completely adjustable for both the angle of the faceplate as well as its height, so whether your small in height or tall your be able to sit comfortable enjoying your massage.

Invite your mobile beauty therapist to your home and have beauty treatments whilst you sit in the massage chair, facials, manicures, pedicures are all easily performed from the chair.

Invite your massage therapist to your home and they can massage you whilst you sit in comfort keeping baby safe at all times.

As well as beauty therapists and massage therapists your partner can offer massage whilst you sit in the chair, it's a very comfortable and very adjustable massage chair, so whilst you are pregnant it might just become your favourite chair just for sitting in as it's so adjustable you can adjust the chair into a position that allows you tom sit without discomfort or pain.
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