Tahiti Opal Massage Table in Cream Leather.

Read the review of the Tahiti Opal Massage Table in Cream Leather, a folding Home Massage Table.

If you want a proper massage table for the home that's every bit as good as the massage table at the spa, (and in many cases will be the exact same massage table they use at the spa), then buy the Tahiti Opal Massage Table.
Tahiti Opal Massage Table in Cream Leather, Home Massage Table

Home Massage Table.

Not only is it a luxury PU leather in cream that's easy to clean with just a damp cloth, but also because it's a folding massage table that actually folds up into itself, into a little suitcase size box, so it's easy to store the folding massage table under a bed, behind the sofa or in the wardrobe.

Theres inch thick memory foam all over the massage table and this is finished off with luxury cream coloured PU leather.

There's a face cradle too which adjusts backwards and forwards for maximum comfort but also can be totally removed and replaced easily, so for the times you don't want the face cradle, just pull it out and for the times you do, just push it in.

When you're lying on your front there's also a adjustable arm rest which hangs down, adjust this so your arms can be supported by the hanging arm rest so they don't get tired, again this is completely removable if you don't want to use it.

There's also two armrests mounted on either side of the massage table, these can be completely removed too if not wanted, the face cradle, armrests and arm support all are stored inside the massage table itself so when you fold the massage table in half the accessories you have removed stay safe and with the massage table ready for the next use, much better than having separate accessories that can get lose between massage sessions.
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