Tahiti Quartz Massage Table in Black.

Read the review of the Tahiti Quartz Massage Table in Black, this Extra Wide Massage Table is for Home Use or Spa for Beauty and Massage.

An extra wide massage table with a width of 28 inches which will comfortable sit the largest of bottoms, the extra wide massage table is very strong too with a maximum massage user weight of 38 stone, so everyone from the large to the obese can be confident that this massage table will support them in comfort.
Tahiti Quartz Massage Table in Black, Extra Wide Massage Table

Extra Wide Massage Table.

This is an extremely wide and solid massage table, it's a folding massage so when not in use it won't take up much room in your home, the massage table folds in half into its own special suitcase which is actually the two halves of the massage table, once folded a carrying handle is at the top for easy carrying of the massage suitcase, it's a thin case so you slide the massage table under your bed or on a shelf out of the way.

There's a very elegant arm rest underneath the face cradle so when you're lying on your front you arms won't get tired because either you can put your arms down by your side or outstretched in front of your head resting on the arm rest, the face cradle has inches think memory form so it's very comfortable, there's also a face hole in the massage table (with a bung if you don't want the face hold in the table), the face cradle and armrests are all removable too and when the massage table is folded store inside the suitcase.

The frame and legs as well as being very strong (will support a weight of 38 stone) are also beautiful, made from a light oak wood with an easy folding mechanism that locks and unlocks into place.
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