Tahiti Twilight Massage Table.

Read the review of the Tahiti Twilight Massage Table, Folding Massage Table for Home Use.

If you're looking for a massage table for home use, your find the Tahiti Twilight Massage Table ideal, its a folding massage table so won't take up any room in your home, the massage table folds in half and packs itself into a shape that looks like a suitcase with all the face cradle and arm rest accessories inside as well, once folded you can store the massage table flat under your bed, under a sofa or chair or flat against a wall out of the way.
Tahiti Twilight Massage Table, Folding Massage Table

Folding Massage Table.

This is a home use massage table, designed for you to keep at home, it's exactly the same quality as spa massage tables and in fact many of these massage tables have been sold to spas, massage centres, beauty parlours, mobile massage therapists and mobile beauty therapists.

If your partner or friend can give you a massage then what better way than on your own massage table, if you have a mobile beauty therapist visiting offering facials, manicures, pedicures, leg waxing then this massage table is ideal for those treatments and for a mobile massage therapist it means you have a professional quality massage table ready for them to use.

This is a strong and sturdy massage table that can be used by both men and women, the maximum weight of the person lying on the massage table must not exceed 38 stone, so as you can see everyone, all members of the family from the oldest to the youngest, the lightest to the heaviest can use this massage table with ease.

If you have elderly parents who would like to attend a beauty therapist or massage therapist but who for reasons of mobility don't get out as much as they would like then this massage table and combined beauty table is ideal as it gives them a professional massage table and beauty table in their own home.
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