WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights.

Read the review of the WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights, Weights Supplied at no extra charge on this Medium Size Multigym.

You get 100kg of weights included for the weight gym stack, delivery is free too and that's just as well as the cost of shipping a multigym and weights could be quite expensive, but with free delivery there's no extras to pay.
WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Free Weights, Weights Supplied

Weights Supplied.

You also get a one year warranty so if any problems are found within the first year (problems usually show themselves within the first year), then your get a free repair or free replacement multigym.

The WeightMaster Bench Gym is a multigym based around a bench gym that makes it a medium sized multigym, there's smaller multigyms and there are bigger multigyms available, this multigym is just right where you have some space but not a great deal.

You get a chest press with butterfly bars, a lateral pull down bar, a bench press with locking weight bars, so you can leave your long bar weights on the stand without worrying the will fall off or be knocked off and injure someone or damage something.

The weight bench is adjustable, the backrest can be adjusted from any position from vertical to flat with 7 different positions to choose from, there's a pullbar which slots in or out (take it out when you don't need it or the pull bar gets in the way), use the pullbar and armrest for bicep curls and preacher curls.

Use the leg station for leg extensions and leg flexion (leg curls) with large and comfortable foam pads to protect your legs and ankles.

Whilst 100kg of weights for the weight stack is provided included in the price, you can also add your own weights to the weight stack as the WeightMaster Bench Gym uses completely standard one inch hole weights.

The bench multigym is made from bright stainless steel so it won't mark or rust with grey coloured safety pads for the legs and ankles, black and grey coloured backrest and seat.
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