How To Operate Slendertone Belt

Results from studies demonstrate that localised electrostimulation causes increases in isolated strength and endurance in a clinical setting, from a practical real world standpoint, Slendertone (How To Operate Slendertone Belt) is recommended as a solution for reducing body fat or body weight.

Does Slendertone work on fat stomachs?

A Slendertone (How To Operate Slendertone Belt) trial found users had an average waistline reduction of 3.5cm over four weeks, there are seven muscles that make up the abdominal wall and for a really toned tummy it's important to work all of them.

Will Slendertone tone my stomach?

Slendertone (How To Operate Slendertone Belt) offers an efficient and effective way to tone the abs without having to do conventional abs exercises, ideal for those who are short on time but who want to feel stronger and fitter.

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Can you overuse Slendertone?

Can I use my Slendertone system abdominal toner more than once a day; yes, but Slendertone recommend that you do only one 30 to 40 minute toning session per day, if you do wish to use your Slendertone belt a second time you should leave 6 to 8 hours between sessions for your muscles to recover.

How many sit ups is Slendertone equivalent to?

Just 20 minutes using the Slendertone Premium Abs belt will provide a complete abdominal workout equivalent to 120 sit ups that works in harmony with busy schedules and daily routines, you can use it anywhere; at work, around the house or whilst taking a walk or exercising.

What should Slendertone feel like?

If you haven't used a Slendertone product before you may find it an unusual sensation but a pleasant one, when you start to increase the intensity you will feel a mild pulsating sensation followed by a gradual tightening of the abdominal muscles.

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Do you burn calories using Slendertone?

The only way that you can burn calories is by aerobic exercise and Slendertone products do not constitute this type of exercise.

How long before I see results from Slendertone?

See these results in just 4 weeks is a solid promise from Slendertone, users of the belt should find an average waistline reduction of 3.5cm after four weeks of use.

Does Slendertone help cellulite?

Slendertone is not a substitute for the gym, a weight loss system or a gadget to reduce the appearance of cellulite so if you're looking to achieve any of those you will be disappointed, however what Slendertone can achieve with regular use is mild toning.

Can you do Slendertone twice a day?

Slendertone recommend a maximum of two sessions per day, if you feel sore stop for the day to rest and recover, it's during these rest periods that your muscles are growing stronger.